Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25-Jacksonville, North Carolina

I can't believe that it is almost May?!?! That is so crazy! This was unfortunately my last week in Jacksonville. I am being transferred tomorrow! I can't wait to find out where I am going!

Monday, we had a very relaxing P-day. We just napped and wrote letters. That night we went and helped a member and her husband clean out the shed at their new house! From the front yard, you would not think much of this house, but in the back it is like an oasis!! There is a pool and a little pond with a small gazebo in the middle of it! It was a neat house! I wish I had taken pictures!!

Tuesday was our deep cleaning day! That afternoon, we went tracting and found the sweetest lady named Joyce!! We had dinner with a part member family who invited us back next week to watch Meet the Mormons! For the rest of the night we had coordination with Brother Johnson.

Wednesday, we had District meeting! After our meeting we went to eat at this weird Asian buffet called Mai Tai. The food was pretty good though! We went on exchanges this day and I worked with Sister Salakielu in my area! We went tracting and found 3 new investigators!!  We went to Young Women's with our investigator Alyssa! It was so fun!! We also went to see Falon!! Micah, her little boy was very excited to see us!! Falon says that Sister Salakielu and I are the Dream Team! :)

Thursday, we exchanged back and did weekly planning. For dinner, we ate with the Johnson's. Afterwards, we went to the Adkins and to see Patrick. After Patrick's I had to say goodbye to Brother Johnson because he was leaving for six weeks to do training in California. We weren't sure yet if I was being transferred, but I could have been transferred next transfer and he would not be back before then! It was sad.

Friday, we met with our new investigator Joyce. She fed us pizza for lunch and loved the message that we shared! She is great!! After diner, we went tracting and found 4 new investigators!! We also found several less active members that lived in the apartment complex we were tracting at.

Saturday, we went tracting all day and found 7 new investigators!! It was crazy! We found these apartment complexes that had so many people willing to listen to our message. We also had these really cute 7 year old boys that kept following us around. We let them be missionaries with us. We let them knock on a couple of doors and tell the people that we are missionaries sharing a message about Jesus!! It was so cute!!

Sunday, we had to talk in church....not my favorite thing to do!! But, it went good! We stopped by a lot of the people that we have worked with so that I could say goodbye and get pictures with them. It was definitely bitter sweet!! 

Well, thank you for everything!! I can't wait to find out where the Lord wants me next!! I love you all so much!!

Sister Paynter
Falon and Micah


The Mitchell's
Sister Johnson

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