Monday, April 4, 2016

 April 4-Jacksonville, North Carolina

How is everyone!!?? Did you all have a good Conference weekend? I know I did!! This week has been another busy always!

Monday, we went and played softball with our Bishop's wife and two of their daughters. It was lots of fun! That night, our appointment cancelled so we went tracting. We ran into some very interesting people that night.

Tuesday, we went and stopped by less actives with Sister Parker! We also met with Joyce. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with Joyce and she seemed to really enjoy it. It was sad though, because I realized that Joyce isn't really comprehending the things that we are teaching her. She was asking questions about things that we have taught her every week. It was sad. That night, we ate dinner with Sister Parker and her husband. Her husband is a non-member and always makes me laugh. He has a remote control helicopter that he let us fly!!

Wednesday, we went back to where we tracted Monday night and found 3 new investigators! We even met some Wickens while we were tracting!! It reminded me of Scooby-Doo and the Witches Ghost!! They were really nice though! Tonight we met with Falon! She is one of my favorite less actives to work with. She has a little boy who is just so stinking cute!!

Thursday, all of our appointments with our new investigators fell through. It was not fun. For the rest of the afternoon, we tried to stop by some less actives and potentials. That night we had dinner with Falon and her non-member friend that came to church last Sunday!! Falon made us homemade fried chicken and cheesecake, it was delicious!! We watched the Women's Conference with them and they both really liked it!! Her friend agreed to listen to the lessons that we teach!!

Friday, we did our weekly planning and ended up rearranging our apartment! For dinner, we ate with a part member family in our ward that the elders are teaching. They are a great family!

Saturday, we watched conference with the Johnson's. One of the less active couples that we were working with was supposed to come but they didn't. Sister Johnson made homemade Cafe Rio just for me!!! It was so good!!!

Sunday morning, we watched conference with Falon! Falon is the one that sent the picture and that is her little boy in the picture with us! Sunday evening, we watched conference with our Bishop's family and their non-member friend, Alyssa. Alyssa has agreed to take the discussions as well!! It was a great conference weekend!!!

I am so glad to hear that everyone is doing well!! I love and miss all of you so much!! 

Sister Paynter

PS: I only had 1 picture to send this week, but we had to email at a library today and we can't seem to get our pictures to load. I will send you lots next week though!! Love you!!

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  1. Hi Sister Paynter. I so enjoyed conference. I thought the man who talked about refugees was wonderful. Nate said, "That is the application of the gospel Grandma" I think that is true it is helping others with whatever they need and then helping them learn the gospel too, are'nt we fortunate to have the gospel in our lives? So enjoy this week Sweetheart, learn a lot and walk with the Lord. Love, Grandma Paynter.