Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This week has been good. We weren't able to do as much work as we had hoped to do, but we did have a good week.

Monday, we ate dinner with a returning less active. Her name is Sister Silva and is from Mexico. She made us tamales, bean soup, and horchata. It was pretty delicious!! It was also fun imagining Jordan eating a similar meal in Mexico! That night, we stopped by the Luckinbill's. They are a family of investigators that we are working with but has been very difficult to get up with. Hopefully this week we will be able to meet with them.

Tuesday, many of our appointments fell through. In the morning after studies, we went over to a member's home with a less active to help paint the upstairs of her home. It was a lot of fun and very therapeutic...haha! In the afternoon we saw our investigator Barbra. She is very nice and open to listening, but I don't really know how well she is comprehending the things that we are teaching her. After Barbra's, we went to see Daisju. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she seemed to really enjoy what we taught! After dinner, we tried stopping by potentials.

Wednesday, we had interviews with President and Sister James. I loved getting to meet with both of them! They are great! For dinner, we ate with the Holt family! I love eating with them. Our investigator Courtney and her children were supposed to come, but when Sister Holt went to pick them up, they were not home. Sister Holt did however, invite some of their non-member friends over and they seem like some great potentials!! They were very nice and super funny! After dinner, we went and visited a new part member less active family! We only met with Sister Feaster the less active member, but it was great! She was so sweet! We talked about Harry Potter for a good couple of minutes! She has a great testimony though! She used to live in Draper and had no idea that they got a temple!! So we showed her the Draper temple. Then, we realized that she didn't know about most of the new temples in Utah. So, we showed her a lot of them. We even showed her the video about the Provo City Center Temple! It was great!
May 15 - Garner, North Carolina
Thursday most of our appointments fell through, but we were able to go and see this referral that a member had given us. She has a new little baby boy named Anderson. He was so cute!! For dinner, we ate with the Daughenbaugh's. Brother Daughenbaugh is our Ward Mission Leader. They are a great family! Sister Daughenbaugh works at the High School and after dinner, she took us to see the new High School that is opening up next year. It was so big, it looked like a hospital!!

Friday, was our not so good day. We had an appointment at 2 that would have really helped us out, but they cancelled. We were able to get weekly planning done that day and were able to talk about a lot of things which was great! That night we went out and did some store contacting! It was so much fun! What we did was we would go to like Target and walk around the baby department, toy department, and kitchen department because obviously that is where you find families!! We would walk around and then just casually start conversations with people in those departments. We were able to meet new people and hand out 3 pass-along cards! It was great!

Saturday, we tried to contact our investigator Courtney. We stopped by in the morning and she was at work. We came back at 3 because that is when she was supposed to get off. Her kids were outside and told us mixed stories of where she was at. Once the older kids had gone off with friends, the youngest told us basically that she was home and didn't want to talk to us. That was not too fun... We were able to stop by more potentials though and found a couple of them that want us to come back! For dinner, we ate with the Brown family! That night was Rose Prom aka Mormon Prom, so Sister Beard helped their daughter Cylie with her make-up and hair. It was fun. I helped braid her hair back, but that was about all I could really do well haha! Down the road from the Brown's, we found a less active part member family!! Their names are Ron and Signa. Ron is the member and he wasn't home, but we met Signa and she let us in and we talked with her for a good hour or so. They want to go out to Utah next year to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, so we told her to try to see the Christmas concert! We talked about Salt Lake City for a long time. We found out that they have a niece on a mission in Paraguay. I can't wait to go back, she was so great!!

Sunday, we went to church! After church, we had a coordination meeting with all of the ward missionaries. We did a lot of planning for the Ward Variety Show that we are putting on. It is going to be a lot of fun!! For dinner, we ate with the Barnette family! That was my first time eating with them and they were great! After dinner we stopped  by some less actives and members.

I hope everyone has had a great week!! I can't believe that school is almost out for all of you! Thank you for all of your love and support!! Have a great week!!

Sister Paynter

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