Monday, February 1, 2016

 February 1-Jacksonville, North Carolina

This week has been good. We really didn't get any rain so that was good. This week we had a lot of appointments cancel again, but I think it was for the better.

Monday night, we had dinner at the Miller's. I always have fun at their house because there is always chaos and it feels like home. After dinner, all we really did was try to contact referrals.

Tuesday, we met with this sweet older lady, Diane. At first, we thought she just wanted to Bible bash, but at the end, she was very sincere and wants us to come back this week!! We also had a really good discussion with Joyce about temples!! I feel that she is getting close to baptism, she just doesn't know it yet. That night, our appointment with the Canupp's fell through so we went tracting. While we were tracting, we knocked on 5 doors and out of those 5 doors, we found 3 new people!!

Wednesday, we went on exchanges again and I was left to lead in Jacksonville for my first time. That was definitely a bit of a challenge, but it actually went really well. That night, we had an appointment with Robert and we watched the Joseph Smith movie. Robert is struggling with building a testimony of Joseph Smith so we are trying to figure out what he needs. I think he just needs to sincerely be open to the Book of Mormon and specifically pray to know if it is true.

Thursday, we went over to a less active who is being evicted and helped pack up their house. After that, we met with our friend Patrick. He is definitely a character. I don't know if we will really get anywhere with him, but we sure are going to try our hardest.

Friday, we met with two of the people we found while tracting on Tuesday night. Our first appointment was with Fletcher. He is an older gentleman who believes that if he gets any closer to God, he will be sitting on his lap. He is pretty open to our message though so we will see where we get with him. Our next appointment was with John and his wife MaryAnne sat in our lesson too! They were both really interested and loved our message that we shared! We are really excited to begin working with them!! That night, we met with a new less active named Elaina. She seems really sincere about coming back, so I hope that we can work more with her.

Saturday, we met with the other person we met while tracting. Her name is Vanessa. She seems like a solid investigator as well. She asked a lot of amazing questions during our lesson that just proved to us that she is definitely ready to hear the gospel. After Vanessa's, we stopped by the Canupp's because we hadn't heard from them in a while. They told us that it has been a hard couple of weeks but they are definitely missing the missionaries! That night, we met with two different recent converts who are both less active. Hopefully we can figure out what is really keeping them from church!!

Sunday was one of my favorite days this week! We met with Michelle and Jeremy who are the younger less active couple that we just started working with. Sadly, they are moving back to Utah in a month. That night, we met with the Donadio's! I love meeting with them! Tonight, Krisi gave us a brand new scentsy and the new scentsy scent which is fabulous!!

Everything else is going good. The weather here has been great!! Hopefully we will be able to make it to the beach while I am here. I love you all so much!! Thank you for everything!!

Sister Paynter
These are pictures from our District Meeting two weeks ago. This week we had 4 missionaries transferred out, so we have 4 new missionaries in our district. One of them is a brand new missionary, which means I am no longer the new one!! Yay!!


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  1. Hi mine good Meghan, Mark showed me how to send the letter from Elder Barfuss about when he and Elder Anthon were teaching Jack and I the gospel from his missionary journal in 1959 but it did not go through to you. I am not sure if I had your e-mail address correct. If you could send it to me please. I ran into one one of the sister missionaries from Medicine Lake Ward at the Elm Creek Ward linger longer last week. Oh Meghan some of the missionaries have family problems, you wonder how they can stand to be away from them on a missions, be thankful yours is fairly stable, except for a few older members who make dumb mistakes with memory etc. We had 12 inches of snow on Monday, reminded me of 1966 when we first were in this house and had snow up to the clothes lines outside, haven't had snow like that for many years. Bart, Seby, and Mark came over to shovel the driveway. Brenda came with them to talk (love that -for people to come to talk) How has the Lord been treating you this week? He does well for the missionaries I think. So love you dumpling! Grandma Paynter