Tuesday, February 16, 2016

 February 15-Jacksonville, North Carolina

I can't believe that we are already half way through the month of February!! How was everyone's Valentine's Day?

This week has been a really good week.

Monday, we went to the BEACH!! It was so much fun! We played capture the flag and football. That night, we met with Robert. We taught him about faith and what faith requires us to do. He has really been struggling and has stopped progressing. Sadly, I think this week, we are going to give him a bit of a break.

Tuesday, we went and stopped by a few potentials and less actives. That night, we met with a new investigator named Dallas. He is moving to Florida soon, but he is really interested and receptive to our message. We taught him the Restoration and he really liked it! After Dallas's, we met with Bob, Amy, Zain, Cameron, and Kira. We had a really great lesson with them!! We extended a soft baptismal invitation to them and they for the most part said yes!

Wednesday, we had a Zone Training down in Wilmington. We had a lot of really good instructions given to us. It felt like everything that was discussed was exactly what I needed to hear.  After Zone Training, we went on exchanges and it was my first time leading an exchange with my Sister Training Leader. I was really nervous at first, but in the end things actually went really well!!  That night, we met with a new less active Hailee and her non-member husband Rance! We had a really great lesson with them and they agreed to read the Book of Mormon. After that, we met with our less active Falon. We read the Stay by the Tree article with her and she loved it. She too made the commitment to read the Book of Mormon everyday this week.

Thursday, we exchanged back and that night we did a little bit of tracting and then went out with Brooke to stop by some potentials and less actives. We also had dinner that night with the Mills family. That was the first time we had ever had dinner with them and it was a lot of fun!!

Friday, we met with Joyce and tried to address her sweet tea. Joyce LOVES sweet tea and she is having a really hard time giving it up. We invited her to fast with us this week to help her overcome the addiction and she said that she wanted to pray about it first. That night, we went out with Elder and Sister Juncker (senior couple) to visit a less active who ended up cancelling on us. Instead, we ended up contacting a referral we had received from Headquarters.

Saturday, Amy called us and asked if we could come over so that she could give us some things. We went over and ended up talking with her for an hour about different things. We told her the story of Alma the younger which she loved!! That night, we went to an appointment with another less active couple, Nolan and Kealey. The Johnson's came with us, so we got to ride in the Mustang!

Sunday, after church, we went over to Joyce's to see how her prayers had gone. She decided that she would fast with us!! We hope that goes well!! That night, we were able to stop by some more potentials and less actives with Sister Mitchell. After that, we met with Sharron, a less active who doesn't really know if she believes the church is true. We had a really good lesson with her and her two teenagers.

I hope that all of you have another fabulous week!! I love getting to hear about all the fun things that are going on back home!! I love you all and I am so grateful for all of your love and support!!

Sister Paynter


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