Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28-Jacksonville, North Carolina

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!! I loved getting to celebrate the Savior and the sacrifice that he made for all of us!! This week has been a good week.

Monday, we had a combined District activity! We played Quidditch!! It was a lot of fun! The rules were quite confusing, but it was still fun!! That night we ate dinner with the Miller's and had a small family home evening. We met with the Adkins, one of the less active families we work with. We had a really good lesson with them about the Atonement!

Tuesday, we saw Joyce!! She is doing good, but is not progressing. We have given her three questions to ask in her prayers and she has been asking them!! However, she says she hasn't received an answer yet. Cute Sister Jarman took us to see one of our new investigators who unfortunately was not home. Her roommate was though and we talked with her for a little bit. She has actually been to temple square and been to the Visitor's Center. We told her about The Book of Mormon, but she was not quite interested. The rest of the night just consisted of stopping by potentials and less actives.

Wednesday, we went on exchanges! Our new Sister Training Leader is actually Sister Salakielu. So, I just went to the other area in Jacksonville with Sister Sally's companion, Sister Pitt. We did a lot of tracting in the sun!! I got a very light tan but hey at least I tanned!! That night we met with one of their investigators who is great!! We also met with a less active they are working with!

Thursday, we exchanged back. We ate dinner with the Johnson's! They are like our second family out here!! They help us with a lot of missionary work!! That night, we met with Falon and Patrick. We had really good lessons with both of them!!

Friday, we went tracting. We went to an apartment complex close to our appointment and then, knocked on doors. We found a couple of potentials, no investigators though. After tracting, we had an appointment with a less active named Lana. She is from Logan! She is really nice and her husband is a non-member so we are hoping to see if he is interested in taking the discussions. That night we ate dinner with the Bishop's family. We had Chicken and was delicious!!! That night, we invited Krisi (Makayla's mom) to be our member present at Vanessa's lesson, but Vanessa no showed. So, we ended up talking to Krisi for almost two hours about different concerns she has. It was great!!!

Saturday, we did some more tracting. We tried to have a Facebook lesson with Vanessa since we haven't been able to get up with her lately. However, as usual she was pretty busy!!  That night was the General Women's Broadcast!! There was a dinner before which was good. I loved the broadcast though! I loved that the message was all about serving because I was able apply several points into my missionary service!!

Sunday, we had a really good time at church. Many of the less actives we are working with came as well as Falon's non-member husband and friends!! Falon played the violin with two of the youth in our ward and it was beautiful. After church, we had a really great lesson with Michelle and Jeremy! I am going to be really sad when they move back to Utah!!! After that, Damien got baptized!!! Damien is Makayla's 8 year old brother. I have loved working with their family and love getting to see them progress!!

Overall, we have had a really great week!! Hopefully this week will be even better! I hope everyone back home has a good week!! I love and miss you all!!

Sister Paynter  

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