Friday, July 15, 2016

Garner, North Caroline - July 15

How has everyone been this week? I hope y'all are staying safe from the heat! It has been getting to the high 90's here and the humidity is real!!! Haha!!

This week with Daisju was kind of a bummer. She has been basically avoiding us all week which really stinks!! She really is so ready for baptism, but I don't know if she completely realizes that yet. Oh well, we will continue to love her and encourage her!! We have found a couple of new families to teach though which has really been great!! One specific family is the Thorpe family! We had our first full length lesson with them this week and it went really good! We taught the Restoration and they both seemed to love it! Next week, their two kids are going to sit in and start learning!! Also, when we first met them last weekend, they told us that they were moving in a few weeks to an area that we thought was out of our mission. However, it is not!! They are still going to be in the Garner Ward boundaries!! What a great tender mercy!!!

This week during my studies, I have been reading a lot about the importance of turning to Christ. All through out the scriptures, it teaches us about the importance of turning to Christ. In the scriptures, Heavenly Father has promised us that as we turn to Christ, have faith in Him, and do all that he asks, we will have eternal life!! Doesn't everybody want to have eternal life? I know I do!! I don't just want to achieve immortality, I achieve immortality and live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This has motivated me this week to work harder and keep trying!! Life was never supposed to be easy! Sometimes, it can be really easy to make excuses to why we are not progressing. Whether that excuse be that you were offended by what someone said at church, that you don't like the local church leaders, that church is too early in the morning, or what ever it may be, do not give up!! Heavenly Father loves all of us!! Even when Heavenly Father is disappointed in the choices we make, He will always be there with His hand stretched out to us! (2 Nephi 19:12) I pray that we will all make a better effort to turn to Christ! Rely on prayer and the scriptures!! I have loved the time that I have had to study the scriptures everyday!! It has really made a difference in my life as I have relied on prayer and the scriptures!

I love y'all so much!! I hope that this week goes well for all of you!!! Thank you for everything!!! Have a blessed week y'all! 😉

Sister Paynter

PS: Sorry I was really bad and didn't take any pictures last week! I will be better this week!!

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  1. Hi mine good Sister Paynter. I have been without a computer for over a month so good deal, it is finally fixed and I can be in touch with you and other people in our family. Catherine is here from Italy for a month. She is our oldest great grandchild, 14 years old. Mark, Brenda, Seby and Catherine took a trip out to Palmyra and back the way the church grew ended up in Nauvou (spelling?) where Lillian and her family and in laws met them, also Marta, Eva and Marta's mom Isabel. I have been watching your weather and it has been hot. Our little ones here are moving forward. Lil's Belen is crawling very rapidly wherever she wants to go and Jenny's Sophia will be walking very shortly. Love you Meghan pray for you every day so be aware how in my thoughts you are all the time. Grandma Paynter.