Monday, March 14, 2016

March 15-Jacksonville, North Carolina
I can't believe I have finished the first week in my 3rd transfer!! Time has really gone by fast!! I hope everyone is doing well! This week has been such a great week!!!

Monday, we went to the beach!! It was a little colder this time so we tried to keep warm on the benches. It was still so much fun and very beautiful!! Sister Scribner, Sister Salakielu, and I made matching shirts and then wore Red, White, and Blue bandanas!! We had a blast!!!

Tuesday, Sister Salakielu and I said goodbye to Sister Scribner and then planned to clean the apartment and our cars, so that everything was ready for our new companions!! However, the Elders ended up volunteering us to drive to Raleigh and help pick up the new missionaries. It was a 3 hour car drive....and lots of miles lost for the month!! (We are only allowed a certain of miles to drive per month.) It was 85 degrees in Raleigh!!! The heat made us exhausted!! It was fun getting to see some of the other missionaries that I came out with though at transfers! I also had fun meeting Sister Smedley!! She is from Layton, UT! That night we had a lesson with Bob, Amy, Cameron, and Keara. We finished teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went very well!!

Wednesday, we had Zone Training in Wilimington. We had a really great meeting and then for lunch, our senior couple took our district to get pizza at Costco. While we waited for the pizza, we walked around Costco and got samples!!! It was a lot of fun! When we got home, we went out and did a lot of tracting. While we were tracting, we found a new investigator named Elena!! We will meet with her this Saturday!! We ate dinner with the Johnson's which is always so much fun!! That night, we met with Falon! I love meeting with Falon! She is always so kind. She has also promised us that she will be having us over for dinner this month and is going to make home-made fried chicken!!

Thursday, we did our weekly planning and then had dinner with Sister Mitchell.With Sister Mitchell, we stopped by Robert's to see how he was doing and introduce him to Sister Smedley. After Robert's, we met with the Adkins family. I love meeting with the Adkins and seeing them progress, now we just need to get them to church!!

Friday, we went and stopped by a lot of less actives that a member in the ward wanted us to check on. That night, we met with Krisi, Makayla, and Damien. They are doing great!! We have been challenging Makayla to be a missionary to her friends! Last week, she gave a Book of Mormon to her friend and this week, we challenged her to invite a non-member friend to church in 30 days! She loves accepting our challenges!!

Saturday, we did some more tracting. It was like 85 degrees today, so we were sweating a lot!! We met with Christina who is making progress!! She told us that she was coming to church on EXCUSES!!! That night, we went out with Sister Johnson and stopped by some potentials. One of them said she was fine, but as we pulled away she waved for us to come back. We ended up teaching her and her daughter a little bit about the priesthood and the atonement! They invited us to come back next week!! We are really excited!!

Sunday, we stopped by less actives on base with Sister Johnson. One of the less actives invited us back on Wednesday and seems really nice! We are pretty sure that her husband is not a member. Part member families are Gold mines in the mission field!! For dinner, we ate with the Gabbert family. They remind me so much of our family when we were younger!! It was a lot of fun!!!

This past week has been such a great week!! I can't wait to see what this week will be like!! Hopefully we will be getting our Easter initiative cards to begin handing out!! #Hallelujah

I hope everyone has a good week!! I can't wait to hear from all of you!! I love you all so much!!!

Sister Paynter

 Package from Disney World! You are the best Lindsey!

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  1. Hi mine good Meghan. I get tired just reading all you are doing every day. Good for you. We are having colder weather today. High winds and cool temps. Yesterday Jenny and her 3 were here. They are such cute little dumplings. Today Lil and her 2 plus Mark and Brenda were here. They vacumed the house and brought up my laundry. We had lunch together, Ezra was hungry, ate a lunch with a lot of relish! He is cute too. A friend of ours who lives in Grand Rapids now lost their daughter and her husband. They were in a small plane with their neighbors, plane went down and burned, all 4 died. How sad to lose a childeen if they' re 38years old. She left a 15, 13, and 11 year old . My prayers have been with my friend this week. Thank goodness for eternal families. The plane crash happened in Wyoming. I am thankful for our eternal family every day. That is what you are giving people who accept the gospel, they do not realize what they are giving in this whole package. Did I tell you Gregory Scarber is going to Argentina North for his mission, be in the MTC June 1. Have a happy week honey! Love Grandma Paynter.