Monday, March 21, 2016

 March 21-Jacksonville, North Carolina

I hope everyone has had a good week! This week has been great! I have loved working with Sister Smedley! We have been getting a lot of work done here in Jacksonville, which is great!!

Monday we went "window" shopping with the other sisters in our district. We went to Target and Barnes & Noble, it was so much fun!! We had a really good lesson with our investigator Vanessa that night!! In her prayer, she talked about how she has felt really good as she has been meeting with us! She still hasn't been to church yet so this next Sunday we will be working on that one!!

Tuesday, we had an appointment with potential named Herbert! We had a really good lesson with him about the Restoration!! He seemed to be really receptive, but because he is older it seems to take him a little bit of time to process the information we teach. He was also really intrigued by The Book of Mormon and said that he would definitely look into it! We met with Joyce that day as well. We got her to kneel down, pray to Heavenly Father and specifically ask if the church is true and if she should be baptized on May 15!! We can't wait to hear how things went this week!! That night we went to Bob and Amy's. Amy wasn't home and since we didn't have another adult female with us, we ended up sitting outside on their patio with Bob, Zain, Cameron, and Keara. We had a really good lesson about following Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, we went back over to Bob and Amy's because Amy wanted us to teach her as well. We talked with her about what we could to help her family to progress. They still haven't been coming to church, so we talked with her about giving her family a church tour and she loved it!! For the remainder of our time with her, we talked about temples and the importance of them. We could tell that she would really love to be able to go to the temple someday!! I have really enjoyed working with their family! I am so glad that Heavenly Father put them into our path so that we could teach them!! That night, we met with a new less active, her name is Sister Valentin and she is awesome. She has only been inactive for year but has a very strong testimony of the church! She showed us her craft room.....and I about died!! It was so amazing!! We also met with Falon that night!

Thursday, we met with a little boy in the ward who just turned 8 and is scared to get baptized. We taught him about baptism and then we even showed him the font and let him go in and see how high up the water would be. He asked us if he could get baptized that day, it was super cute. We had dinner with Christina and had a good lesson with them about Patriarchal blessings. Their lesson reminded me of how important my blessing is. I am so grateful for the "road map" that Heavenly Father has provided me with. I need to read it more often as I am on my mission, because the times that I have read it while on my mission, it has given me a lot of comfort.

Friday, we went to the temple!!! I loved getting to go to the temple!! The Raleigh temple is so small! It only has 1 endowment room. Being able to go to the temple gave me a lot of peace and comfort. I loved being able to feel the spirit and feel closer to my Heavenly Father. I am grateful for temples!!

Saturday, we did a lot of tracting!! We found 1 new investigator who seems like a solid investigator!! That night we had dinner with cute Sister Jarman. She is the cutest little old lady in our ward and reminds me of Grandma Brown!! She is stinking adorable!!!

Sunday, we went and stopped by less actives with the Johnson's. After that, we received a bible referral for a girl named MEGHAN....spelled the same way!! We delivered the bible that night with the Bishop's wife and she loved what we shared about The Book of Mormon and became a new investigator!!

This week, has been a really great week!! I have loved the beautiful weather we have been getting. All of the trees and flowers are beginning to blossom and it is so pretty!! I will have to send some pictures of the trees next week! I hope everybody has a good week!! I love all of you so much!!

Sister Paynter

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